Saturday, November 6, 2010


Harken ye back to tymes of oolde!  Sooth was wrought in lyon's grove and...  Okay, enough of that.
That's just not how to start a programming blog.  So where do we begin?
I'm a game programmer, historically speaking.  From the monochrome glare of the Apple II I typed in games from magazines and shifted to making my own.  Years were spent unproductively (according to my teachers) poking at calculators, frantic times trying to have a go at shareware, and admittedly I wasted half a decade (at least) with no firm direction but a lot of wheel spinning.
One of the interesting things about managing programmers is that you slowly start to see the fence you created around yourself.  Expanding theirs has a lot to do with mentoring.  Expanding your own is probably the other 90%.  Why?  Your knowledge base may be too small and as you grow yours, it spreads to others.
It is all too easy to believe that working on your project (and putting in overtime) is the best plan.  Doing that will likely make you an expert at completing that project.  You're lucky if it teaches you anything else and even more lucky if you receive real training.  That's a good path to become obsolete / irrelevant (and burned out).
So, I am redoubling my own journey through software development.  Perhaps you'd like to come along?  Hopefully I will bring light to a few dark caverns along the way and find some treasure.  Note, however we let chanceOfFindingBalrogs = (%) (*) 10 10.

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